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Thomas Geierspichler has reached which many humans appears unattainable. Behind it stands Kraft of the motivation. As one finds it to each day on the new and fully activated, place Thomas Geierspichler all, which want successfully to go the way to the goals of their life.

it is enriches treasure at experiences, from which Thomas Geierspichler draws. He knows, about which he speaks, if he makes the secret of his motivation accessible also for different humans. In lectures and seminars, in which it inspires and convinces.

Because one feels and knows that he does not speak about theoretical knowledge, but over personally experienced, direct realizations. Thus Thomas Geierspichler sets a further large step: From the own motivation to the Motivator    For Thomas Geierspichler is it the sport, which gave a new sense to its life. How it thinks of motivation, self overcoming and success, it says best in its own words:
” Sport makes joy for me. And success motivates me to maximum output. It is simply a deep life feeling to overcome me also under hardest conditions and to achieve my put goals! “
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